Crying babies make parents deaf? Apple makes an oolong this time

The birth of a child has always been the happiest moment for the whole family, but recently a foreign netizen posted a funny photo: Apple Watch displayed a noise warning near the baby and reminded users to listen to this sound for a long time Will cause temporary hearing loss.

The Apple Watch has a variety of health features, and the aforementioned “ambient noise detection” is one of them. After the user is set up, the Apple Watch will monitor the noise in the surrounding environment at any time and warn the user if there is a safety risk. The watch compares a baby’s cry to “moving a motorcycle” and recommends that users listen to it for no more than four hours a week.

Apple has said that based on information collected by the Apple Watch, more than 25% of the world’s users are currently in an environment where the average decibel level is greater than the WHO recommended value.

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