Solve the lack of storage space Google develops “App Archiving” function for Android

Google Play product manager Lidia Gaymond announced that Google has developed a feature called “App Archiving” for the Android operating system, which is designed to solve the problem of insufficient 64GB storage space. When you use App Archiving, you can release up to 60% of the storage space, and this function will not uninstall the application, nor delete the user’s personal data, but by deleting some functional components of the application, and These functional components are archived in order to achieve the purpose of “slimming” the mobile phone . When the user uses these applications again, the Android system will restore the archived functions.

This is also a good news for friends who use small memory mobile phones. It is worth noting that Google has provided App Archiving to developers, which is expected to be open to consumers later, so you can look forward to it.

What are your thoughts in front of the screen?

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