Another classic Apple retirement! Apple Watch Series 3 to be discontinued this year

In 2017, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3. As the third-generation work of the series, it has a narrower frame and longer battery life than its predecessors, and has become a “dream work” for many users.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s revelations, Apple will officially discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 in the third quarter of this year.

It is reported that the reason why Apple wants to stop the Apple Watch Series 3 has a lot to do with the hardware configuration that is gradually unable to keep up with the times.

Although at present, Apple Watch Series 3 still supports the latest WatchOS 8 system, but there have been hardware problems such as insufficient storage space, which means that it will be difficult to run the WatchOS 9 system that will be launched later.

In addition, the design of Apple Watch Series 3 has gradually failed to keep up with the times. In the Apple Watch product line, it is the last product with a large bezel instead of a full-screen design.

In terms of time, with the retirement of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple will also usher in the eighth product in the series.

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