Dimensity 9000 has a running score of 1.07 million, surpassing the new Snapdragon 8

Today, a model code-named PD2186X appeared in AnTuTu’s Dimensity 9000 ranking. The running score exceeded 1.07 million points, which has surpassed most of the new Snapdragon 8 devices with 1.02 million points. After the launch of the Dimensity 9000, a number of mass-produced machines equipped with this chip have been exposed to the public. Published data shows that in terms of performance, the Dimensity 9000 and the new Snapdragon 8 have back and forth, and in terms of power consumption, the Dimensity 9000 performs quite well.

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  According to reliable sources, the model codenamed PD2186X is most likely the vivo X80. According to industry insiders, this running score data may be laboratory running scores, and it can be regarded as a potential stock with reference to the data of new equipment equipped with Dimensity 9000. Judging from the exposure data, the performance of the Dimensity 9000 is very eye-catching, and it is the second chip with a million running points in addition to the new Snapdragon 8.

Many friends are looking forward to the vivo X80 after feeling the powerful imaging capabilities of the vivo X70. The previous-generation vivo X70 series was “unstinting” to users in terms of performance and image experience, especially hardware-level computational photography, which was at the forefront of many self-media mobile phone image reviews.

  With the imminent release of more and more Dimensity 9000 mass-produced phones, the flagship mobile phone market in 2022 will no longer be dominated by Snapdragon, so users will have more choices, and many surprise highlights will appear. Are you looking forward to this mysterious new phone equipped with the Dimensity 9000 chip?

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