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Here is the solution if Apple Watch Not Connecting to Your iPhone – Android Result

Apple Watch is most useful for iPhone users, it provides full ecosystem of Apple. If you own an Apple Watch so you must have an iPhone. This can be true of the Apple Watch, which occasionally may stop syncing with your iPhone altogether. Fortunately, the fix is pretty easy.

Notification Problem

If you noticed that the Watch didn’t’t respond you iPhone, like push notifications or requests that rely on the internet (weather, news, and so on). Issues will likely affect all apps and connections, so if you’re getting Messages but not Facebook notifications then this is more likely an app-specific issue (consider checking your notification settings).

The issue can be made more confusing when the “not connected” icon isn’t present or your iPhone lists your Apple Watch as a connected device under Settings > Bluetooth. If you’ve noticed the issue, go with your gut and attempt some of the fixes below.

How to Fix the problem

Restart or Unpair and Pair Your Watch to Fix

  • First turning off the Apple Watch by holding the side button (not the digital crown)
  • Then moving the “Power Off” slider.
  • Next, turn off your iPhone.
  • Now boot the iPhone by holding the power button until you see the Apple logo and wait.
  • Let the iPhone boot fully and unlock it so that you see the Home screen.
  • Now boot the Watch by holding the side button and waiting.


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