How To Enable Assistant Menu in Samsung One UI

Assistant menu is designed for individuals with motor control or other physical impairments. By using Assistant menu, you can access hardware buttons and all parts of the screen by simply tapping or swiping. If you are wondering How To Enable Assistant Menu in Samsung One UI.

Enable Assistant Menu in Samsung One UI

If you want to Activate Assistant Menu, Follow these steps below-

  • Go to your Home screen
  • Tap on the Settings
  • Scroll to Accessibility and tap on it
  • Then tap on Interaction and dexterity
  • And, then simply enable the Assistant Menu option.

Now as you know Assistant Menu is a contextual menu that appears on the screen. you can put it anywhere on the screen. You can tap on the Assistant Menu button it gives you some options like Recents button, Home button, back button, Screen off, Volume, Screenshots and many more.

You can also customize the Assistant Menu button as you like, just go to Settings> Accessibility> Interaction and dexterity and just tap on Assistant Menu.

If you go Assistant plus option, now the great thing with this menu is when you enable this, it gives you stars to give you contextual menu for these particular apps. (Camera, Contacts, Email, Gallery, Messages, Phone, Samsung Internet and Settings)

This one is running on Samsung UI which you can also do the same thing on the previous version of the Samsung experience.

Here is some Quick options of Assistant menu:

Pressing the hardware button

Supports completing the following tasks without having to press hardware buttons

  • Home screen- go to the home screen
  • Recent apps- open recent apps screen
  • Back- go to the previous screen
  • Volume- change volume and access other audio controls
  • Lock- lock your phone
  • Phone options- enable Power off, Restart, and Emergency mode
  • Screenshots-take a screenshot of the current screen

Accessing all parts of the screen easily

Easily access items anywhere on the screen.

  • Notification panel- open or close notification bar
  • Brightness- change brightness of the screen
  • Screen rotation- change your screen orientation
  • Menu settings- go to Assistant menu settings
  • Cursor- use a small touchpad and a cursor to access any part of the screen
  • Magnifier- open a magnifier window controlled by a touchpad
  • Pinch zoom-zoom in or zoom out with a single tap

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