How to enable Lift to wake feature in Samsung One UI

Lift to wake is one of the new features of Samsung One UI. This is the feature which helps to unlock your Samsung smartphone. If you are wondering how to enable Lift to Wake feature in Samsung One UI. Here are the full details, how to enable it.

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With Lift to wake enabled, one can just bring the phone up to their face and have it automatically scan the eyes and unlock the phone, without requiring any button presses. Of course, it works just as well with Intelligent Scan, which scans both the eyes and the face for authentication.

The Lift to wake feature is especially useful if you unlock your device via biometric options like Intelligent Scan or the iris sensor.

How to enable Lift to wake feature in Samsung One UI

  • Go to Setting menu on your device
  • Click on Advanced features
  • Then go to Motions and gestures
  • You will find Lift to wake option

When you activate it you will be able to turn on the display by lifting the phone from the table or getting an out from your pocket without pressing any buttons.

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