Xiaomi Civi2 parameter exposure: Snapdragon 778G Plus blessing

A digital blogger exposed a new Xiaomi “light and thin phone that focuses on selfies”. It uses a 2400×1080 resolution OLED screen, is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G Plus mobile platform, and has a 32-megapixel front camera. +64 million rear camera, support 55W charging, this machine is very likely to be Civi 2.

Some netizens believe that the machine may be the youth version of Xiaomi Mi 12 , but Hu Xinxin, the project manager of the Civi series, previously stated that the digital series will no longer launch the youth version, and the youthful and trendy positioning of the machine will be replaced by the Civi series. And the Snapdragon 778G Plus mobile platform is also an iteration of the Xiaomi Civi Snapdragon 778G mobile platform.

Xiaomi Civi focuses on selfies, and on Valentine’s Day this year, the price of the whole line is reduced by 300 yuan, with a minimum starting price of 2,299 yuan. Compared with the exposure configuration, it can be seen that the front and rear cameras and charging speed have not changed, but the performance has been upgraded. Are you looking forward to this new machine?

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