How to use Wireless PowerShare in Galaxy S10 Phones

The Galaxy S10 also allows you to charge your phone and another compatible device simultaneously using a single wired charger. This is especially handy when travelling, as it allows users to leave more cords and chargers at home. If you’re wondering how to use Wireless PowerShare in Galaxy S10 devices, so follow these steps below:

Wireless PowerShare in Galaxy S10

  • Go to control panel/ Quick Settings
  • You’re gonna to see a new option called Wireles PowerShare
  • Tap on it and it turns up you get this little screen all the time.
  • If you want to stop charging, just separate the two devices from each other.

Keep in Mind: Wireless PowerShare turns off automatically if a connection is not made within 30 seconds. You will not be able to use your Galaxy S10 to charge another device if it doesn’t have at least 30 percent battery capacity. So if you’re at 29 percent, you won’t be able to use Wireless PowerShare. Your device will first prompt you to “Charge the battery to at least 30% to share power.”

The smartphones’ built-in charging pad and new Wireless PowerShare technology allow users to use their phone to easily recharge compatible Qi-certified smartphones, and even wearables.1 This means that if your Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch Active are running low on power, you can top off their charge with your Galaxy S10. There’s no need for additional plugs or cables when sharing battery power, which makes the function perfect for urgent situations when you just can’t find an outlet.

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