How to Set up DeX Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with single cable

You will be able to Learn How to Set up DeX Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a single cable.  Today we are here with Detail guide on Setting up DeX Mode.

Samsung’s desktop experience (DeX) has been a thing since the launch of the Galaxy S8. However, up until now, we had to use a separate DeX Station or DeX Paddock in order to enter the desktop mode.

What is DeX Mode?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes integrated with Dex software features. This allows users to connect a smartphone to any monitor independently and turn it into a PC. Users can connect Galaxy Note 9 by using USB Type-C or HDMI dongle. When connected, users can use the handset for functions such as calling or surfing the web and simultaneously to give a presentation on the monitor.

How to Set up DeX Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The setup is easy and straightforward. Find an HDMI to USB Type C cable plug it in the monitor and phone. DeX will begin the startup process instantly.

Now, we did notice that it takes quite a while to boot up. Unlike the DeX Station, which worked almost instantly, the Note 9 took its time to power up the monitor when we used a cable. However, this might work faster with a Samsung-brand accessory.

I hope you understand all tutorial on how to Set up DeX Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with single cable. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem

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  2. Donna

    December 8, 2018 at 12:33 am

    Trying to use DeX cable to TV mirror but works great for like 4 second but then disconnects. I replaced cable however the new one also disconnects. I am assuming it is a setting on the phone I am overlooking?

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