So the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus have been revealed on August 7th and ever since the phones are up for pre-order. And today we have official numbers which show the Galaxy Note 10 duo is literally breaking records in its home turf South Korea. Galaxy Note 10 – BREAKING RECORDS


Ever since we got to know about the headphone jack and MicroSD card removal from the Galaxy Note 10, a lot of people were counting this device out saying it wouldn’t do as good as the Galaxy Note 9, but clearly, that’s not true. Samsung announced that in South Korea, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus received a record 1.3 million pre-orders in just 11 days. That’s more than double the pre-orders the Galaxy Note 9 received in the same time frame. The popular model is, of course, Note 10 Plus and the most popular color is Aura glow.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus beats Huawei P30 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro

By the way, the numbers account for orders placed between August 9 and 19th through three mobile carriers and they’re only selling 5G variants, there are no LTE variants being sold in South Korea. That said, these numbers are impressive for a couple of reasons. The Galaxy Note 10+ has been one of Samsung’s most expensive phones in the world which is priced at around $1250 in that country but it looks like it doesn’t affect the South Korean people, also Samsung removed the headphone jack and MicroSD card slot on the Note 10 but again it seems to have no effect on the Korean consumer interest in the slightest, which certainly is not a good news for folks who were hoping Samsung would bring these missing features back on the Galaxy S11.

Anyway, as We’ve said in the past, the Galaxy Note 10+ is the best smartphone you can buy right now even with no headphone jack. It has a lot of meaningful upgrades compared to last year’s Note 9 and if you’re thinking about upgrading in 2019 then this is your best bet.

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