[Tips & Tricks] What is Zen Mode in Oneplus 6?

The recent update of Oneplus 6, Got unique features that are called Zen mode. But Question is That What is Zen Mode in Oneplus 6? OnePlus introduced the Zen Mode in Oneplus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

The Zen Mode in OnePlus 6 is basically a “stricter” version of Google Wellbeing. It helps users to stay away from their phones for a certain period of time. When the feature is turned on, the user won’t get any notifications, calls, or messages for 20 minutes straight.

What’s interesting is that a user who has opted to enable this mode, there is no turning back. Once you’ve chosen to enter into the ‘Zen Mode’, no matter what you do (even restart the phone), you cannot exit the mode for 20 minutes. Users, however, can make emergency calls and click images.

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