Why is Facebook banned in China?

Why is Facebook banned in China? Not only FaceBook but also Google, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp and also some other website.

In China, many popular social media platforms are closed, instead of using social media platforms made by them in China, such as Facebook, Weibo Ho is used instead of a search engine, Baidu is the most popular, besides WhatsApp, like Applications like severance of Messenger are used instead.

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The point of the government to do so is, there are some people intentionally against China and forge lies. For example, Falungong, Xinjiang Separatists. “Intentionally” means these people are politically and financially supported by some organizations including the US government I think. You see these people publish some anti-China newspapers which nobody’s going to buy, but they can still work on, where is the money from? When I use Youtube with a Chinese set computer, many anti-China videos will be pushed to me. What’s more, this news are not always true, that is to say, there are normally false. They like exaggerating the Chinese problems to cause Chinese people to think their country is evil.

What I want to express from above is, with these social networks, somebody is making rumors about China, intending to cause separation from inside of it. Sometimes we need it to make an objective judgment, but when it comes to planned slander, we shouldn’t take any of it.

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In fact, if you want, nothing is blocked, especially for university students. In many Chinese universities, the government builds IPV 6 net for the students. With this kind of net, people can surf whatever website easily. However, IPV 4 is the kind of net which we often use domestically, if you want to use Facebook with this net, you need a VPN, which is quite cheap or free(if you can bear a slow internet speed). So to use Facebook is not a thing in China as long as you want.

To think about it further, why the government permits the university students to use these social networks? Because they think a highly educated man can make an objective judgment of the negative or the positive information towards the country. As the education level differs a lot from people to people, from place to place, a temporary block of these websites to less educated people is necessary.

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