Top 5 Online Dating Apps – 2018

Date is online or offline We are very excited for this, so today we will get information about the top 5 online dating apps for Indians and learn from the dating app, we can get a better partner and how?

Top 5 Online Dating Apps

#1 Happn App

This time it’s one of the most popular online dating apps, and we all have seen promos on YouTube about it too. There are over 50million users on the Happn App, which continue to engage with each new partner.

Happn App is a FREE Dating App, so you will not have trouble even downloading it. You can download it for your Android and iOS devices. This is some of the main features of this app.

#2 Tinder Mobile App

Tinder is Famous in the whole world and here we can get 20 billion Matches to date and if Top 5 Online Dating Apps are seen then it is the most popular and right and left swipe all of us Know.

If you are searching partner according to your location, then this app can be the best for you. We need to have a Facebook account to create an account in it, after which we can easily create your account and date with our partner of choice

#3 Woo Dating App

This is a free app and it can give us a chance to date with the person we like. This is not the same as both App tinder and happn but it still has 10 million people download it.

There is a mascot to make this app that people with a kind thought can date their bonding good. Like if you join this App. You can QA before you make a date with a partner and match her and your interest.

#4 Bumble App

This is also location-based social media and dating app and if we want to make valuable relationships then this app is right. It has yet to be downloaded from 21 million people.

Bumble is the best thing in which women can initiate the first communication. It is very easy to use, but it also requires us to have the facebook account to create an account. When you use this app, you will find many more features. Like Connect Instagram account etc.

#5 Truly Madly App

This app is created by Sachin Bhatia and at this time he is also a co-founder of Truly Madly App. Top 5 Online Dating Apps An App That For Purely India If you want an Indian partner, Truly Madly App can be nice for you.

It has so far downloaded 1 million people and this is a Paid App. This app has got a rating of 3.5 on the Play Store, which is an average rating.

This is Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian and by downloading any of these apps, we can find the right Dating partner Search for you. Some of this app’s user review is not good, but there are some apps that are best for users and we can use them by downloading them. If you are using any of these apps, please share your thoughts about it.

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