Samsung’s Tizen Smartwatch will get the StarLine application soon

Samsung’s Tizen Smartwatch will get the Starline application soon. StarLine team is developing an application for smartwatches on the Tizen platform. The free StarLine app will be available on the Tizen Store.  In the first quarter of 2019, users of  Samsung Galaxy Watch,  Samsung Gear and other models of smart wrist gadgets on this platform will get to know him.

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The StarLine app allows you to manage your car’s security from the comfort of your own wrist – via your Smartwatch, of course! You can control the remote engine start, set and disarm the vehicle, and send commands to activate the siren. The last item, activating the siren, might seem a little strange, but imagine you are in a car park and you’ve forgotten where you parked your car? Simple, set off your siren and you’ll be able to locate your car.

StarLine App feature:

✔  control the remote engine start; 
✔  set and disarm the vehicle; 
✔  send commands to activate the siren to find his car in the parking lot.

And this is just the beginning! The list of options will be expanded!

What is required to manage StarLine protection from a smart watch?

1. Security and telematic equipment StarLine with  GSM-interface
2. Smartwatches on the Tizen platform with  Internet access
3. Account on the portal  to connect your smartwatch to the management of smart protection StarLine.

The StarLine app will be available for free and is already available on Android, Windows phone, and iOS.

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