Samsung 45W fast charger will go on sale in mid-September

The Galaxy Note 10+ support charging speeds of up to 45W but up until now, we have heard absolutely nothing from Samsung about it nor we knew how it’s going to look like. Surely everyone already knows that Samsung will offer a more powerful 45-watt power adapter, which will charge the Galaxy Note 10 Plus faster. The device comes with a regular 25-watt adapter, which will provide fast charging Super Fast Charge. Enthusiasts have already conducted tests and found out that its large 4300 mAh battery fully charges in 70 minutes, which is a record.

A 45-watt charger, in theory, should speed up the charging process, and if you wanted to purchase it separately for your phablet, then you will be disappointed. Unfortunately, it will go on sale only in the middle of next month. Sources report that a 45-watt Super Fast Charge adapter will appear in retail in Russia on September 13th. 

Keep In Mind This Before Buying The 45W Charger

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus will begin to sell on August 23, that is, it remains to wait only a few days.

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