Redmi K50 series screen is only 60Hz? Lu Weibing responded absolutely

Last night, at the launch of the new Redmi K50 flagship series, there were two new phones, the K50 with Dimensity 8100 and the K50 Pro with Dimensity 9000. It is worth noting that these two new phones are equipped with Samsung 2K display, which is Redmi uses a 2K screen for the first time, reaching 526PPi, and the screen effect is very delicate.

The screen has obtained DisplayMate A+ screen certification and supports full DC dimming, 16,000-level automatic brightness adjustment, ambient color temperature sensing, super-resolution touch, Dolby Vision, AI HDR technology, and more.

The overall performance is very good, but Redmi has not mentioned the refresh rate of the screen at the press conference, which makes many netizens suspect that it may be a 60Hz low refresh screen.

In this regard, Lu Weibing also immediately emphasized: “There are even rumors that the 2K screen of the K50 is 60Hz. Say 120Hz three times! 120Hz!! 120Hz!!! Top 2K direct screen!!!”

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