Redmi K50 is about to be released, Lu Weibing is blocked at Xiaomi

Redmi mobile phone officially released a video, the bully Megatron came to the door, named him to block Lu Weibing, and asked Lu to return all the energy crystals. In the end, Mr. Lu did not receive Megatron and asked him to wait until the press conference at 19:00 in the evening.

The Redmi K50 Dimensity Edition new product launch conference will be officially held at 19:00 tonight. Redmi mobile phone officially said that this will be the most important launch event of Redmi this year, and Mr. Megatron will also appear at this launch event. It is reported that the Redmi K50 Dimensity version has a rear 100-megapixel camera, equipped with the same image brain technology as the Xiaomi Mi 12 , and the configuration is quite good.

At present, the Redmi K50 series has been put on the Jingdong Mall and has opened an appointment to buy it. Friends who want to buy can start in advance.

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