OnePlus spoke about the important features of the OnePlus 7 Series

According to rumors, the new flagship OnePlus will cost in the range of $ 700-800 – for that kind of money, you expect from the smartphone something more than just top features. It seems that the manufacturer understands this, too, so the official forum of the company received a message about one of the long-awaited features of future smartphones. OnePlus spoke about the important features of the OnePlus 7 Series.

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OnePlus posted a video on social networks with a demonstration of how a smartphone sinks into a bucket of water. The video itself says that the official rating of water resistance increases the cost of the device for customers, so the company used something more affordable. All this caused a lot of questions from users, and representatives of the brand were quick to explain what happened on the official forum.

“We know that IP rating would be the easiest way to prove the capabilities of our phone, but certification does not help bring our attention to the actual experience of use. Therefore, we created this video to show you what our water protection quality can really mean to you in real life, ”says OnePlus.

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The company notes that it is constantly working to improve the design of its devices and regularly carries out all sorts of tests, including water resistance. OnePlus warns that it is not worthwhile to specifically place the future OnePlus 7 Pro in the water since the warranty does not cover water damage. By the way, even manufacturers of smartphones with an official IP67 / 68 rating do not provide warranty service if the gadget was damaged by water.

And although OnePlus smartphones do not have an official IP classification, last year’s 6T survived without any problems after being immersed in water, as videobloggers and users themselves repeatedly proved. However, there is no need to specifically test any device.

“It also does not mean that we will never consider IP classification for our products in the future,” notes OnePlus.



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