Huawei responded to the “lock screen advertising” incident: not officially

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Huawei was attacked for publishing a fuzzy lock screen advertising on its mobile phone. These ads were originally noted by the Reddit community and shared on the Internet. It is reported that these ads appear to only appear on devices in the EU, and most of the ads are related to

Lock screen advertising

These ads are not full-screen interactive ads, but instead, use the lock screen image of instead of the original lock screen image. In response, Huawei issued a statement to Digital Times stating that these advertisements were not provided by Huawei officials.

These advertisements were not initiated by Huawei. Individual users are encouraged to check the app settings or to remove the lock screen ads by following the publicly available instructions.


A representative of Huawei Glory explained on Twitter that Huawei did not push advertisements, and the advertisements were displayed by third-party applications. This may be true, because many of Huawei’s devices are pre-installed with the app, and the app is likely to push ads to the lock screen itself.

A temporary solution to this problem now is to disable the magazine to try or remove the ad wallpaper from the magazine or to add a custom image to the gallery as a lock screen wallpaper.

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