How to manage notifications in iPhone XS, Tips & Tricks

You will be able to Learn How to manage notifications in iPhone XS. That You Must Check Out. Today we are here with Detail guide on manage notifications in iPhone XS. As we all know, it’s not the hardware specs alone that define a phone. The software also plays an important role in making it a complete experience.

How to manage notifications in iPhone XS?

Notifications keep you up to date with you care about most. Here’s how use and customize your notifications so you never miss a thing.

  • To check for new notifications, you can swipe up from the middle of the Lock screen.
  • Or, if your iPhone is unlocked, you can swipe down from the top of the screen.

In iOS 12, notifications from the same app or message thread are grouped together.

  • Tap on a notifications group to expand it.
  • To act on a notification, Press firmly- Touch and hold on devices without 3D Touch

Notifications have different action items, depending on the app the come from. If you view an email for example,

  • You can tap Trash or Mark as Read.
  • Or tap the X in the upper-right corner of the message to clear the notification and return to the previous screen.
  • Swipe right on a notification to Open to open the app or swipe left to manage settings, View more, or clear it from your screen.

Customize from Notification Center

In iOS 12, you can jump straight to an app’s notification settings by tapping Manage.

  • Tap Deliver Quietly to send that app’s notifications straight to Notification Center without seeing them on your Lock screen or receiving an alert, banner, or badge.
  • You’ll still receive all of your notifications, but without any extra interruptions.
  • Or, you can turn notifications off for that app.

Want to customize it even more?

  • Tap Settings for more options
  • Choose where notifications appear
  • Tap Banner Style to change banners from Temporary to Persistent.
  • Switch badges On or Off.

Change notification preview

  • Tap Show Preview
  • Tap Always, When Unlocked or Never

Clear notifications

  • Swipe left on a group and tap Clear All
  • Tap X and then Clear to clear Notification Center

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I hope you understand all tutorial on How to manage notifications in iPhone XS. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.

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