How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

You will be able to Learn How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Today we are here with Detail guide on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.


  1. Installing custom ROMs.
  2. Remove preinstalled crapware.
  3. Blocking Ads in any apps.
  4. Install incompatible Apps.
  5. Keep the latest Android OS.
  6. Change skin for your Android.
  7. Boost your Android device’s speed and battery life.
  8. Make complete backups of your smartphone.

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  1. Root can brick your smartphone.
  2. Say Good-Bye to the warranty.
  3. Problems with an update.


  1. This Guide is only for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 so don’t try this on any other device as this can brick your phone.
  2. Make sure your Phone has charged 60%.
  3. Now make a backup of all important files and contacts.
  4. That’s all!! Now you can Follow the procedure to root Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

How to Root Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

    • Unlock the Bootloader of your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
    • Transfer the Downloaded Magisk file into the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.
    • Transfer the Magisk file to your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3at the same time keep TWRP file on PC)
    • Next, setup ADB and Fastboot on your computer.
    • Now, open a command window on the folder where you have the downloaded TWRP file on your PC.
      (enter the Specific folder and there right click on the free space on the folder while holding the shift key and click on Open command window here)
    • Then, reboot your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 into fastboot mode.
      (turn off the Mi Mix 2 and turn it on by long pressing Volume Down and Power buttons together)
      (if not press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together)
    • Now, connect your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 to the PC using a USB cable (using the cable that comes with the box is safe)
    • Once the device is connected with the PC, install TWRP recovery by providing the following command.
      fastboot flash recovery xiaomi-mi-mix-3-chiron-twrp.img
    • When it is done, just reboot your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 into TWRP recovery mode by using the below command
      fastboot boot xiaomi-mi-mix-3-chiron-twrp.img
    • Now in TWRP, allow for System modifications when it asks for it. You may have to swipe right for this.

  • Then, let’s root the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
  • In TWRP Recovery menu, just tap on the Install button, and then select the Magisk zip file you moved to the device earlier
  • Then, again do the swipe action at the bottom to install the Magisk root tool
  • Once it is done, tap on the Back button to go back to the main screen of TWRP
  • Now, tap on Reboot option and then the device will restart

I hope to use to understand all about How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.

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