DisplayMate: Galaxy Note 10 Plus has the best display smartphone

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the device beings so many unique features or best flagship hardware. Samsung smartphones have always been praised for screen quality, but the brand-new Galaxy Note 10 Plus is particularly notable. 

“Display quality is improving every year, and the Galaxy Note10 + is a prime example,” said Raymond M. Soneira, president of DisplayMate. – Galaxy Note10 has the most innovative screen that has ever been tested in our laboratory. Samsung’s latest flagship is several times faster than last year’s models in terms of brightness, reflection coefficient, color accuracy and blue light reduction. ”

Both the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note10 (Full HD +, 2280 × 1080) and the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note10 (Quad HD +, 3040 × 1440) are equipped with the new “unlimited” Samsung Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display. Immersive screens received one small hole for the camera, located in the center, which provides an exceptionally high ratio of the screen area to the total front surface of the smartphone.

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The peak brightness of the Galaxy Note10 + at 1308 nits is 25% higher than that of the Galaxy Note9 (1050 nits), and the reflection coefficient of the Dynamic AMOLED Infinity display is the lowest in the history of DisplayMate research – only 4.3%. The combination of high brightness and low reflectivity provides better image clarity and accurate color reproduction even in bright conditions, such as outdoors on a sunny day.

According to experts from DisplayMate, it has set a new quality standard for mobile device screens. The president of DisplayMate noted that displays are getting better every year and this phablet of the South Korean brand is a prime example.

The Samsung website reports that the maximum brightness of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen is 1308 nits, which is 25 percent more than the Galaxy Note 9. The DisplayMate report says that there is the lowest display reflectivity they have ever tested. This has a positive effect on the operation of the smartphone on the street, especially under the bright rays of the sun. 

No one doubted that the screen of the Galaxy Note 10 would be its advantage over competitors. It supports HDR10 + and also emits 37.5% less blue light than its predecessor. 

Both new items will go on sale on August 23, and until that day you can place a pre-order by receiving a Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch as a gift.

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