How to take a Scrolling/long screenshot in OnePlus 7 pro

OnePlus has decided to change that this year and has successfully launched its flagship OnePlus 7 Pro, which the company calls its ultra-premium smartphone. In this article, we are discussing OnePlus 7 Pro Review

If you’re wondering how to take a long screenshot in OnePlus 7 Pro. Today we are here with Detail guide on how to take scrolling screenshot in OnePlus 7 Pro.

Taking a screenshot is a very simple and basic function of every Android phone (usually Power + Volume Down). It can be useful to save your screen, demonstrate how to do something, or show off your customizations. A typical screenshot only shows what appears on your display, but a scrolling screenshot can capture a long webpage or long conversation. Sometimes you need more than a standard screenshot. We’ll show you how to do it.

How to take a long screenshot in OnePlus 7 pro

Follow the below-given step by step process to take a scrolling screenshot OnePlus 7 Pro using the fingerprint scanner.

When you’re on a long page, you can capture all of it by taking a long screenshot.

  • Press the volume down and power button together as usual,
  • Then you’ll see a small screenshot thumbnail in the bottom corner with “expanded screenshot” beneath it.
  • Tap that option, and it’ll start taking a long screenshot of the page you’re on.

Markup screenshots: Once you’ve taken a screenshot, tap on the small thumbnail in the corner, this takes you to an editing screen where you can adjust image properties, as well as being able to edit the image and draw/write on it. 

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