Samsung Pay new features

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics that lets users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung-produced devices. The service supports contactless payments using near-field communications but also supports magnetic stripe–only payment terminals by incorporating magnetic secure transmission. Samsung Pay new features are here.

If you are wondering Samsung Pay new features. In today’s article we will tell you whats is the new features of Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay new features

Samsung gadget owners have been using Samsung Pay since 2016. Since then, many improvements have been added to it – we tell you which ones.

Convenience and safety above all

The Samsung Pay payment service works not only with terminals equipped with NFC technology. A number of mobile devices of the Samsung Galaxy line are able to generate a variable field, like a magnetic strip of a bank card. This is a proprietary Samsung MST technology that allows payment on obsolete terminals where standard NFC technology is not available.

And that’s not all. You can add several bank cards to the application at once, for example, to receive salaries and purchases with cashback.

With the help of the service, it is easy to pay for purchases on the Internet. You do not need to enter the data of a bank card on the site. Simply select Samsung Pay as your payment method in the online store, click on the “Pay” button and enter your Samsung Account (email address). Then the smartphone will receive a payment request.

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The service is also available to users to pay for purchases through mobile applications. With it, you can purchase train or plane tickets thanks to integration into the Russian Railways Passengers and Aeroflot applications.

Using Samsung Pay is safe: thanks to advanced protection algorithms, an attacker will not be able to simply pick up and access your card. It will be easier for him to steal a purse with cash than to try to deceive the payment service. Three-level protection in the application helps to ensure the safety of all operations. Instead of real data of a bank card, a token is used – a randomly generated digital code. This system reliably ensures the safety of personal information. Each time you try to pay, you must authorize the transaction with the fingerprint or application PIN.

Samsung KNOX platform is responsible for security at the software and hardware levels, protecting the mobile device from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Therefore, security is another significant argument in favor of contactless payment for purchases.

Samsung Pay Innovations

Any service must constantly evolve to retain old customers and offer something unique to new ones. And in the field of payments and online banking, this is especially true. Therefore, over the three years of its presence in Russia, Samsung Pay has received many improvements and updates designed to make this service more convenient. We get acquainted with the most important of them.

Loyalty cards

In the struggle for the regular customer, all supermarkets, most coffee shops and restaurants have introduced their own loyalty programs and discount cards. We rarely use any one product, so over time the amount of “plastic” in the wallet exceeds all reasonable limits. It begs a simple solution – to transfer bonus cards in a virtual format.

In Samsung Pay, you can add cards with a bar code, and even with a simple number. So that the process of “digitizing” the accumulated wealth is not too long, you should add maps by scanning directly from the application. The added loyalty card will be able to rename, assign a description and an image to it – so it will not turn out to be confused in bonuses and privileges.

Translations by phone number

Who did not encounter a friend’s request to “borrow 500 rubles until tomorrow”, the need to transfer money to a relative or to throw a small amount into shopping? With Samsung Pay it is convenient to do it: money transfers are made from any card added to the payment service. In this case, the recipient can choose for himself which card he wants to accept the transfer. He does not even have to be a member of Samsung Pay. Such users will receive an SMS with a link where they need to enter a card number, and that will be enough.

Of course, you can send the required amount using a proprietary banking application. But if friends and family members use different banks, a lot of inconvenience and minor restrictions are provided. Instead of putting dozens of banking applications on a smartphone, it’s enough to open Samsung Pay. The translation is carried out directly by phone number, and to confirm the transaction is not required to patiently wait for the message with the code and scold the operator for sluggishness. The service supports advanced identification methods: money transfer can be confirmed by simply touching the fingerprint sensor, using an iris scanner or face recognition.

Transportation fare

Pay by smartphone on the bus? A few years ago it looked like something fantastic. Now, this scenario is real: Samsung Pay can pay for travel in any urban transport, where there are devices for contactless payment (specially equipped metropolitan turnstiles, payment terminals in buses or trolley buses).

Catalog of financial services

At the end of last year, together with the financial supermarket, Samsung Pay launched the Financial Services tool. It greatly simplifies obtaining information about financial products, such as loans, credit cards and deposits. No need to go to the bank branch or wool sites – all the data can be found in the application.

Another plus: the program manages not only to obtain information about financial products (deposits, mortgages, loans) but also to compare them with each other, as well as filter by various parameters. It is easy to choose a credit card or deposit, where the conditions will be the most suitable, and leave a request for registration right through the application.


Samsung Pay is evolving and becoming more user-friendly. The payment service is not only convenient – it constantly acquires new functions. Due to a large number of partner banks and the support of loyalty programs, it will appeal to those who want to make purchases safely, with comfort and benefits for the wallet.

I hope you understand all about Samsung Pay new features. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We can solve your problem.
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