Samsung Galaxy S22 series new products are on the market, pop-up experience store debuts in Shanghai Xintiandi, a variety of flagship new products are waiting for you to experience

Samsung’s new-generation flagship mobile phone Galaxy S22 series has now been officially launched in China. With its upgraded iconic design, cutting-edge mobile experience and powerful imaging functions, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series can be said to satisfy the “ideal mobile phone” in the minds of consumers. expectations and needs. In order to allow everyone to experience the many black technologies of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in person, Samsung has now brought the new Galaxy S22 series models, “airborne” in Shanghai Xintiandi fashion atrium, and created a “cool and fashionable pop-up experience store” “Bring a wonderful and meticulous new product experience to the consumers who come to the store.

From March 5th to March 20th, consumers in Shanghai can go to the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series pop-up store located in the fashion atrium of Xintiandi on Huaihai Road to experience the new Galaxy S22 series. In addition, in the process of in-store experience, there will be specialized staff to provide professional explanations, so as to have a more in-depth and detailed understanding of the various features of the product.

Among the three new models of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are favored by female users. With their exquisite and compact body, exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship, as well as Yaoye Black, Feather Dream White, Fog Pine Green, Floating Light The four colors of pink have attracted many female users to stop and experience. In addition to appearance, in terms of images, Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ also won the hearts of female users who love to take pictures. Thanks to the large sensor and AI-powered imaging technology, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ can not only shoot ultra-detailed portraits, but also easily freeze clear and bright moments in dark environments such as night. Different from the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+, the Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra adopts a different design language, and the extremely high level of craftsmanship brings a full sense of luxury as always. It is also very suitable for different styles of wear or for various occasions. In terms of imaging, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a step further on the basis of the Galaxy S22 and S22+. Whether it is taking photos or videos, it can present a more professional level. Coupled with the first implementation of built-in SPen, the productivity or creativity experience is greatly improved. Of course, no matter which one of the three products it is, consumers can go to the store to experience it in person, and experience more exciting functions under the explanation of the staff.

In addition to product experience, the store also prepares rich and interesting interactive activities for consumers. For example, customers who come to the store can participate in the punch-in experience activities set up in the store. After completing the eight-fold task, they can exchange gifts through the gashapon machine, and they can enjoy multiple surprises after multiple lottery draws. Repeated visits to the store can accumulate more exchange. In addition, on the weekends, the store also prepares a fun “two-dimensional instant comic” interactive activity, which will bring a “unique” sense of life to friends who come to the store. .

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series not only raises the threshold for high-end flagship phones again, but also brings a Galaxy mobile smart experience far beyond the previous ones. Therefore, consumers who want to experience the cutting-edge Samsung mobile smart technology only need to go to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series new product launch pop-up experience store. I believe that the outstanding products, professional explanations in the store, and interesting interactive activities will definitely make you feel Fake this trip.

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