Oppo launches VOOC 4.0 with 30W Wireless VOOC Flash Charging

Oppo has announced its 30W Wireless VOOC Flash Charge and VOOC 4.0 Flash Charge fast charging technology. Oppo K5 smartphone is the first smartphone launched with The VOOC 4.0 flash charge technology.

VOOC 4.0

The new charging solution is claimed to charge a 4,000mAh battery to 67 percent in just 30 minutes and to 100 percent in 73 minutes. This is a 12 percent improvement in speed compared to the previous generation. OPPO says that optimized VFC algorithm helps reduce the charging time from 90 percent to 100 percent.

VOOC 4.0 is compatible with all Flash Charge protocols prior to VOOC 3.0 and can achieve full load charging power of 5V4A (20W). Oppo says that with VOOC Flash Charge 4.0, the internal resistance of the entire charging system has been reduced and this will enable temperature control even when users play games while charging.

Oppo also to launch 65W fast charging with its new flagship Oppo Reno ACE. This is the world’s fastest charger. And It will charge the battery completely in under 30 minutes.

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