[Leak] Samsung will ditch the Bixby button in future smartphones

The Bixby button for launching the voice assistant of the same name repeatedly caused the users to complain about Galaxy smartphones. Everything suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will remain without this button, which we are glad to hear.

The whole point of the problem is that the button is constantly pressed accidentally. You get the phone, and there is already an active voice assistant, who expects to hear the command. Samsung agreed that this was indeed a problem, and soon released an update in which it added the ability to reassign the action of the button or disable it completely. 

Specifications of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

Relying on several leaks from reputable sources, we can confidently say that there will not be a separate Bixby button in future smartphones of the company. Samsung came up with another solution – use the power button to call the assistant of the same name. The power menu, in turn, can be accessed from the drop-down menu of the notification panel.

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