Dimensity 9000 blessing! Redmi K50 Super Cup running score first exposure: easily breaking one million

Today, Redmi officially announced that the K50 flagship series mobile phone is officially scheduled for March 17.

Previously, the blogger broke the news that the Redmi K50 series has three models: Redmi K50 , Redmi K50 Pro , and Redmi K50 Pro+ . Among them, the K50 Pro+ is positioned as a hard-core all-rounder and will be equipped with the Dimensity 9000 processor.

Now, the digital blogger @Digital Chat Station has released the AnTuTu running score of the K50 Super Cup .

The exposure map shows that the running score of this phone easily exceeded one million, reaching 1,041,818 points, of which the CPU score was 265,743, the GPU score was 304,078, the MEM score was 189,740, and the UX score was 192,257, ranking among the best among Android flagships.

In addition, the blogger also revealed in the comment area, saying that the shared screenshots also have “easter eggs”.

Some netizens found that the horizontal pixel point of this screenshot is 1440, which means that the K50 Pro+ is likely to be equipped with a 2K screen with a resolution of 2560*1440.

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