Dark Mode in Realme Smartphone [New Features]

If you want to know about what Dark mode and how to work it. Then you come to the right place. Here is the full guide on Dark Mode in the Realme Smartphone.


Dark Mode is a feature that lets you switch the color theme of an app, or an entire smartphone operating system, to black or something close to it. Beyond the thrill of invigorating a tired design, some like to have the option available because it makes looking at your devices a little easier on the eyes. If you use a smartphone that has an OLED display, it might save some battery life, too. Now the latest update of ColorOS Here is some improvement and also add some most important features like Digital Wellbeing, Dark mode. So now you can use these features in your Realme Smartphones. But now dark mode features only in Realme XT smartphone, But upcoming update you will get this update and use these all-new features.

To active its dark mode:

  • Find the Settings menu and tap Display > Advanced.
  • You’ll find “Device theme” near the bottom of the feature list. Activate the Dark setting.


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