Samsung canceled Galaxy Fold pre-sales training due to screen problems

Samsung canceled Galaxy Fold pre-sales training due to screen problems that have occurred recently have not been investigated. Before the end of the training, Samsung will not ship the machines to the stores. If the message is true, it means that Galaxy Fold was scheduled to postpone the North American first sale on April 26 and the probability will be postponed.

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The so-called screen problem means that some foreign media and KOL reflected that Samsung Galaxy Fold had problems such as screen cracking, black screen and flickering shortly after the evaluation. Although Samsung’s follow-up update FAQ said that the protective film attached to the front should not be torn off, these malfunctioning machines are not all caused by tearing the film.

This news isn’t officially confirmed by Samsung.

Few of them, who got early access to the Galaxy Fold are reporting issues with the device. You have been reading on almost every tech blog that the Galaxy Fold screens are breaking already for them.

Let me tell you the case – There’s a layer of ‘protective plastic’ on top of the display, or you can say a screen protector. However, it’s actually part of the device and should not be removed under any circumstances.

I was reading those reports, were claiming that the ‘Galaxy Fold breaking already’ – In the combination of reports points out a serious issue about the Galaxy Fold’s display.

The foldable device is covered with a protective layer that is not intended to be removed, and if it is removed the display will not work or could cause some major display issue

I suggest you watch this video for all of your doubts on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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