Xiaomi’s patent for “AR glasses” that can adjust the position of the waveguide is authorized

On March 15, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.’s “AR glasses” patent was authorized. The patent abstract shows that the AR glasses can adjust the position of the waveguide according to the wearer’s pupil distance, face width and face shape, thereby improving wearing comfort and avoiding the problem of easy falling off.

The patent discloses an AR glasses including a frame, a waveguide assembly, a rack and a moving assembly. The waveguide assembly is mounted on the frame, the waveguide assembly includes a waveguide and an optical machine, the waveguide is connected to the optical machine; the waveguide is configured as at least one of the left lens and the right lens of the AR glasses, and the waveguide is movably arranged in a preset direction, The rack is connected with the waveguide and extends in a preset direction; the moving component is mounted on the mirror frame, and the moving component includes a gear, the gear is engaged with the rack, and the gear is used for rotation to drive the waveguide to move in a preset direction.

It’s unclear when the AR glasses will hit the market, though.

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