Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra running score exposure: 2022 machine emperor title is stable

Early in the morning, the industry chain exposed the running scores of the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra mobile phone . It can be seen from the running score information that the new phone is determined to be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship chip, as well as 12G Samsung memory particles, and the scores are very good. considerable.

The Mi 12 Ultra is expected to be released as soon as next month. At present, the real phone is already in multi-scenario testing. As the flagship model of the Mi 12 series, the Mi 12 Ultra will also be fully configured in terms of images, and the phone will continue to be equipped with periscope. Type telephoto lens, a 50x telephoto lens with at least 50 million pixels, and the ultra-wide-angle lens may also debut Sony ‘s latest outsole, and the camera technology adjusted by Leica will continue to dominate the DXO list in 2022. .

In terms of price, it may be as low as 6,500 yuan.

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