Xiaomi launches a smart washing machine that can sense weight and sells for 799 yuan

News on March 9, it is understood that Xiaomi has launched a new pulsator washing machine with a capacity of 8kg, which can intelligently perceive weight, has 10 washing modes, and can adjust the water level in 8 levels. The initial price is 799 yuan, and the price is also very favorable. Friends who buy washing machines can learn about it.

It is understood that this washing machine uses a four-blade cyclone pulsator, which can wash stains 360 degrees and complete deep cleaning. At the same time, it has 10 special washing modes, which can finely care for clothes of different materials, and can also intelligently sense the weight of clothes and automatically match the water consumption. . This washing machine is also equipped with a safety child lock to prevent misuse, and 24-hour smart appointments. Can be washed anytime.

Compared with the front-loading washing machine , the top-load washing machine is cheaper and lighter. If you move frequently, you can buy a top-load washing machine.

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