Why the charging becomes slow after 90% in Huawei and Honor devices

Nowadays, most smartphone manufacturers are coming up with fast charging technologies, ensuring that the device gets charged up in as little time as possible. Someone may perplexed that the phone charges very fast before 90%, however from 90% to 100% it slows down. Especially for the obsessive-compulsive guys, it is impatient and anxious to stare at the battery going to 100%. Why the charging becomes slow after 90% in Huawei and Honor devices.

There are several such technologies available, including Qualcomm Quick Charge, OnePlus Dash Charge, among others. Now, Huawei’s next-generation fast charging technology, Huawei Super Charge, has surfaced online which seems to be ahead of its competitors.

Why the charging becomes slow after 90% in Huawei and Honor devices

The charging process of lithium batteries is roughly divided into the following four stages: Trickle Charge, Constant Current Charge, Constant Voltage Charge, and Charge Complete. At the beginning of charging, the phone will check the battery voltage and set the charging current.

Stage 1:Low-current Charge

In order to protect the battery, when the battery voltage is lower than a certain threshold (battery over-discharged), it starts the charge with a small current, until the battery voltage returns to the normal voltage level, which is also called Low-current charge.

Stage 2:Constant Current Charge

At the Constant Current stage, by increasing the charge current, Huawei fast charge solution supply maximum current into battery to achieve fast charging. The charge current will keep constant until the battery reaches a target voltage.

Stage3:Constant Voltage

When the battery reaches a certain value (about 90%, differs by each product), the phone will keep the battery volume unchanged, and gradually reduce the charging current.

If the current is not reduced, the Li-ion will be accumulated in the negative end of the battery and form a treelike crystal structure, which when becomes massive, it will cause a short circuit by piercing the diaphragm between the negative end and positive end of the battery. Therefore, to keep the battery safe and endurable, the charging current will be low in this phase.

 Stage4:Charge Completed

When the phone screen displays “Charged”, you can unplug the charger device.

Do you get it now? When the battery is between 90% and 100%, the charging speed slows down because it enters the Constant Voltage stage to protect the battery, and therefore protect our batteries for a safer and more stable charging process.

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