Why Huawei Mate X won the 2019 Industry Innovation Award

“2019 Awards Ceremony” that it stands out from 438 finalists. After fierce competition, it stands out from the Star Award, Industry Innovation Award, Professional Choice Award, User Choice Award, Enterprise Product Award and other awards. Among them, Huawei Mate X won the 2019 Industry Innovation Award, leading product technology innovation and achieving a breakthrough.

Why Has Huawei EMUI10 Won the 2019 Industry Innovation Award

What is the significance of Huawei phone

Huawei Mate X adopts a fold-out design, which is equivalent to a conventional full-screen mobile phone with a 6.6-inch screen with an ultra-high screen ratio in the closed state. When it is unfolded, it becomes an 8-inch large-screen tablet with a thickness of only 5.4mm. The folding form makes the big screen portable, which brings more professional equipment support for mobile office and entertainment.

In addition to the flexible screen technology, the design of hinges has become a top priority, because the folding of the hinge not only involves the stability of the structure but also needs to cooperate with the flexible screen to achieve flat opening and closing. Huawei Mate X uses an innovative eagle wing-type folding design, which can be folded freely from 0 to 180 degrees and can be closely fitted even when folded. When unfolded, the equipment is flat and natural, and the structure is strong and firm.

Of course, only the large screen can’t meet the user’s demand for high-quality device experience. Huawei Mate X has deeply adapted this. Users can use the smart split-screen function to achieve multi-tasking at the same time. Interactions, greatly improving operational efficiency. The foldable design also brings mirror smart shooting. The person being photographed can preview the framing screen, which is convenient for the subject to control the image quality.

Huawei MateX2 folding smartphone comes with stylus storage slot

In terms of configuration, Huawei Mate X uses the 5G solution of Kirin 980+ Barron 5000, which supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network systems, supports NSA and SA dual-mode systems, and achieves the theoretical download of 4.6Gbps in the Sub-6GHz band Peak; equipped with 4500mAh battery, supports Huawei SuperCharge 55W super-fast charging technology, can be charged 85% in 30 minutes; integrated design of power supply and fingerprint buttons, the fingertip presses the bright screen in the state of the screen to achieve synchronous unlock.

As Huawei’s first 5G mobile phone released in 2019, Huawei Mate X core series will become the 5G pioneer in the folded form in the future. As Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said, this is a new species that integrates cutting-edge black technologies such as 5G, foldable screens, AI, and future interactions, bringing consumers a smarter life experience like never before.

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