What’s new in One UI 2.0 on Galaxy S10

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over What’s new in One UI 2.0/Android 10 on Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has just received its first update that brings Android 10 along with an updated and improved One UI 2.0 version, what’s new and should you upgrade.

What’s new in One UI 2.0 on Galaxy S10

#1. New Gesture Navigation

The biggest new feature in this update is the new gesture navigation that Google introduced and now Samsung adopts this update. Let us remind you that Samsung did introduce its own take gestures before on the S10 series and you can still use the Samsung gestures where you swipe from the bottom to do everything the works with the swipe from the bottom right for recent apps a swipe from the bottom center to go home and a swipe from the bottom left to go back.

#2. Improved One-handed Mode

The One-handed mode which now works with both the gestures interface and the button navigation neat first in enabling settings and those coming from an iPhone will find it familiar it uses the same gestures just like reachability on iPhones. If you swipe down from the very bottom of the screen and you get a smaller version of your screen now the tap on the blank space brings you back to full-screen view.

#3. Fingerprint Icon on Lockscreen with Always-on Display

Another tiny little feature that you love after the update is that you can have the fingerprint icon always show on the lock screen so you can easily find the right spot for your finger and get it to work from the first time. The fingerprint scanner on the S10 series is in a bit of an issue for us and this will definitely help improve the experience.

#4. New Camera Interface

One UI 2.0 brings a new menu with different typography the fonts are different and you have this outline that makes it clear so you can easily see which camera mode you’re shooting in and you also have new zoom controls so you can easily switch between zero-point X, 1x, 2x, 10x zoom this is really convenient.

#5. Better Battery Stats

Another great feature comes in the device care section in the settings where in the battery usage you now have a more detailed breakdown of how you used your phone.

If you remember the wireless power share feature it allows you to place your Galaxy Watch, Buds or other devices with wireless charging on the back of your Galaxy S10 and charge them up using your phone’s own battery reserves this is a neat feature but it can drain your battery really fast and leave you with no juice left so now you have the option to stop the reverse charging at the battery level of your choice. Well, previously it would only stop once reach 30% on the battery meter which might be a bit too late.

#6. Focusing on What Matters

The clean and easy-to-use interface allows users to enjoy minimized pop-ups, embedded loading indicators and simplified button arrangements. The new One UI features a streamlined design where notifications take up less space, so users are kept up-to-date while being able to focus on the task at hand. You stay focused while enjoying your favorite content in full screen and never miss any essential information.

#7. Making the Mobile Experience Visibly Comfortable

The new, smarter layout provides a visually comfortable experience. An enhanced Dark Mode helps users at night by intelligently adjusting the brightness of images, texts and colors on the display while reducing battery consumption.

Smart Lock screen automatically adjusts the color and format of the clock and notifications to ensure you can always see the text and icons clearly.

#8. Keeping Digital Wellness in Check

The expanded One UI provides a wide range of tools to help you manage your digital wellness. Focus Mode lets you pause apps temporarily for times when you need to minimize distractions and get in the zone. By tracking usage, managing screen time or enabling focus mode to minimize distractions, users can ensure they are being efficient.

Maintaining the performance of your smartphone is easier with the intuitive Device Care menu, which gives you quicker access to the essential functions. Some individual features are also enhanced to give you more control, such as keeping or deleting duplicate photos.

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