What is eSIM and what are its benefits?

What is eSIM? In short, eSIM is an electronic SIM card. It is a data file that can be downloaded to a mobile terminal through the network. With it, various electronic products can connect to the Internet, make calls, send text messages, and more. Functionally the same as ordinary SIM card.

How does eSIM handle eSIM charges?

What kind of equipment can use eSIM? Any device that can access the mobile network can use eSIM. Of course, the premise is that the device hardware supports eSIM. The eSIM solution integrated into hardware currently takes up only 1/3 of the space of a Nano SIM card and will evolve to a smaller size in the future.

eSIM technology is widely used, including wearable devices, tablets, PCs, and other terminals, such as smart speakers, smart rear-view mirrors, and POS machines. Covers various application scenarios such as sports, family, medical, entertainment, education.

Even mobile phones can use eSIM to easily achieve dual-card dual-standby, and users can access two or even three operators at the same time. Voice and data can be achieved using different numbers.

eSIM application can increase the waterproof level of the device.

What are the benefits of eSIM?

The highly integrated eSIM solution can first solve the problem that the SIM card slot takes up a lot of mobile phone space. Although the SIM card is now very small, in the trend of thinner and thinner mobile phones, the card slot will still restrict the shape design and battery capacity of mobile phones or wearable devices.

In addition, the SIM card slot also affects the waterproof performance of the phone. The eSIM is integrated inside the mobile phone and does not need to be slotted in the body, which can improve the waterproof level of the mobile phone.

With the eSIM solution, each mobile terminal can independently use the mobile network to surf the Internet and even make phone calls. Your devices will no longer be “bricks” without WiFi.

With eSIM, there is no need to change the SIM card for the operator. The user does not have to run the business hall and apply it with the touch of a finger. For the operator, the user can save a huge expense without the SIM card. Their number of users is calculated in billions.

The advantages of eSIM are not limited to the ease of use of mobile phones and wearable devices. Its superiority is also reflected in harsh environment applications. For example, when running in a high-temperature, low-temperature, high-vibration environment, the device plug-in card is very easy to damage, and eSIM can perfectly solve these problems.

How to Activate eSim on Pixel 3XL

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