Upgrade now! Microsoft fixes Windows 11 reset feature bug: prevents file leaks

Microsoft has released an updated version of Win11 KB5011493, which mainly solves the bug that Windows 11 reset cannot completely delete files. Resetting the computer is an important function in the Win11 system. Users can choose to keep personal files or not, and completely delete the system disk files. The latter mode is more secure and can prevent file leakage.

However, a bug was discovered not long ago in the reset function. If the user logs in to the OneDrive personal or business version, the files that have been downloaded to the local and synced cannot be automatically cleared.

These files will be stored in the system backup Windows.old folder, others can easily find the files that should have been wiped out, becoming a security hole.

Afterwards, Microsoft also confirmed this problem, but this time the repair action is still quite fast. Microsoft has solved the bug in the March cumulative update KB5011493 released yesterday, and it is better for enterprise users with high security requirements to upgrade the new patch as soon as possible.

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