Top Samsung One UI important Settings To Change

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over 10 important settings to change when you update your Samsung to One UI. Today let’s talk about all of the settings to change to get the most out of your device. Once it gets updated so Samsung One UI. Here are Top Samsung One UI important Settings To Change.

#1. Preferred Biometrics

The first setting to change is going to be called preferred biometrics so what I mean by preferred biometrics is that there are many different ways of unlocking your device but which one is the preferred one you would like to use when you’re inside of applications so you pull down the notifications panel click on the Settings icon and as you scroll on down you’re gonna see where it says biometrics and security now inside of biometrics and security underneath the facial recognition iris and fingerprints, you’ll see the option here for biometrics preferences.

Now inside of preferences one of the things here is you have the option to toggle on or off the screen transition effect but, on the very top here you can see which one is your preferred biometric, inside that setting option you’re able to select which one was your preferred biometric to unlock some of those applications, you know banking and some of those other secured applications and I highly suggest using the fingerprints because it is more secure than the facial recognition.

#2. Faster Face Recognition

Setting change number two is with inside of the facial recognition again but this one is making it just a little bit easier and faster to read your face.

If you pull down notification panel click on the Settings icon you’ll scroll down over into that biometrics and security, if you tap on face recognition type in your credentials and inside of these settings you will see two options “Faster recognition and Brighten screen” you are able to turn on to make a little bit faster and easier to read your face for the facial recognition, so the faster recognition does state in here that it improves the speed but reduces the security, increasing the possibility of a video or image being incorrectly recognized as your face.

Also you can bright your screen so you can increase the screen brightness temporarily so your face could be recognized in the dark, so these are two options i would suggest to turn on.

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#3. Quick Open Notifications Panel

You want to do is press and hold anywhere on the screen that is empty. Tap on Home Screen Settings and you will see Quick open notification panel option, when you have the quick open notification panel turn on it super simple just to get to your notifications and all of your settings.

Now you can quick open notification panel just by going anywhere on the screen and swiping down.

#4. Edge lighting

This setting added in a couple of different updates with edge lighting with these devices and one of them is the duration of how long the light is there, so if you go to setting of your device> Display> Edge Screen> Edge panels turn on and it also Edge lighting. Inside in edge lighting, you can have your edge lightning show pretty much always you can have options to “While screen is on/Off”

#5. Secure Lock Setting

Setting change number five we’re talking about the secure lock setting so if you go to settings, you’ll go down where it says lock screen. Now inside of the lock screen you’re gonna see this option here called secure lock settings.

You’re able to set your secure lock function such as the auto lock and the lock instantly with power key so type in your credentials inside these settings the one that Lock automatically. This one it’s what’s gonna happen when your screen turns off.

You can also have that option here for Auto Factory reset i wouldn’t highly suggest this one especially if you have kids because if the put in your code 15 times wrong your phone just got factored out a reset but, if you have no issues with anybody probably going through your phone other than you then you can turn on this option here where it will factory reset after 15 incorrect attempts. Also, make sure you have to lock network and security on so this one definitely has it on it’s a way that the network and security-related functions are locked and Wi-Fi or mobile data can’t be turned off while your phone is also locked making it to where your phone is easier to protect it if it’s lost or stolen so if somebody takes it they’re not able to change any of your network of security so then this way URL you are able to use that find my mobile option and they also have this show lockdown option which is display of power button option that turns off.

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