Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Latest and Unique Features

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s article, We will go over Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Latest and Unique Features.

So after months of leaks and rumors, the Galaxy S10 devices are finally unveiled. They come with some of the class-leading specs and features that you can not find on other devices. So lets a look at the top 10 features this 10th anniversary Galaxy S phone is coming with.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Latest and Unique Features

#1. World’s First Dynamic OLED Screen

Samsung’s displays have been the in the business for years now and with the Galaxy S10, they’ve taken their game to a whole new level. The display on the S10 is the world’s first dynamic OLED display and also has the first HDR10+ certified panel which means better color accuracy, peak brightness, and contrast ratio. Not only that the display reduces blue light by 42% thereby reducing the damage that our smartphones do to our eyes.

Honestly, the display on the S10 looks distinctly futuristic and elegantly minimal at the same time.

#2. AI App Prediction

Samsung has built-in artificial intelligence into the Galaxy S and you’re gonna love this new feature which will have a big impact on the user experience. This learns what you like and adapt its behavior. It will work out which apps you typically use at certain time of the day, and preload those in the background so the load faster. Later in the day, it’ll shut down those apps you typically stop using by launch-time or bedtime, for example- thereby saving resources and battery life. This will improve the user experience by a lot and I’m sure, you’re gonna appreciate this even without knowing it exists.

#3. Faster Wireless Charging 2.0

The Galaxy S10 supports fast wireless charging 2.0 which means you can charge your S10 as quickly with a wireless charger as you do with a wired charger. This is amazing, I prefer charging my phone wirelessly so I’m gonna appreciate this a lot and I’m sure you’re gonna appreciate it as well.

#4. Wireless Powershare

As the name suggests, the Galaxy S10 can wirelessly charge another device. As you can see, you can charge anything with it as long as the other device has wireless charging capabilities. It’s a nifty feature that will come in handy in those desperate times and I’m sure people will surely appreciate this.

#5. Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S10 has a fingerprint scanner that is built into the display itself. It’s an ultrasonic scanner which uses sound waves to unlock the phone so it’s way more secure than the optical ones that you find on some of the Chinese phones. Samsung has ditched the Iris scanner for this, which shows that Samsung is so confident in the capabilities of this scanner.

Also. having an Iris Scanner means drilling another hole on the display which will not look good aesthetically so that’s the main reason they ditched the Iris scanner.

#6. Insane Specs! Upto 12GB RAM and Upto 1.5TB of Storage

The Galaxy S10 devices have some of the amazing specs that an Android device can offer. The RAM starts from 8GB and goes up to a freaking 12GB. The storage options starts from 128GB up to 1TB. Not only that you have expandable storage too. So you can have a total of 1.5GB of storage in your smartphone. which is insane.

#7. A Triple Camera Setup

It has a triple camera system at back. one is a normal lens, second is telephoto and the third is a super wide angle lens to capture those wide angle photos. There are also a bunch of great software enhancements like the new Bright Night feature similar to Google’s Night Sight on its Pixel phones.

Samsung has also enhanced it further with artificial intelligence that can optimize your pictures for different scenes and suggest what you might to do to improve them.

#8. Gorilla Glass 6 Protection

The S10 has the latest Gorilla Glass 6 protection. Corning ssays it’s almost twice as durable as the Gorilla Glass 5 this will be good for people who don’t like to put cases or screen protectors on their phones.

By the way, the back of the phone also has a Gorilla glass 5 protection which is really appreciated.

#9. The Latest 7nm/8nm Processors

The S10 featured with the new Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 which a 7 or 8nm processor depending on the region. It features a completely different cluster architecture over its predecessor, which means the performance is significantly consume less battery. So the user experience is going to get better compared to last year devices.

#10. Infinity-O Display

The biggest new change to the Samsung Galaxy S10 from its predecessor comes from the new “Infinity-O” display. Samsung’s take on a notch puts the selfie camera in a free-standing hole-punch in the top right corner of the device.

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