The international variant Galaxy Note 10 was faster than Note 10 Plus

Samsung will unveil the next Note series smartphone to the next month on 7th August. Recently, in the Geekbench benchmark, only the top model Galaxy Note 10 Plus was tested, but today we have test results of the regular Galaxy Note 10, which will be cheaper than the older model by about 100-150 euros. Despite this, he scores more points in a synthetic test than his more expensive version.


It turns out that the Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970F) is gaining 4495 points in single-core mode and 10223 points in multi-core mode. The older model SM-N976 shows 3557 points in single-core mode and 9654 points in multi-core mode. Probably, this increase is possible due to the fact that the screen of Galaxy Note 10 may have a lower resolution, which means the processor is less strained.

The Galaxy Note 10 Wallpapers are already starting

There is a Snapdragon-version of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which has 12 GB of RAM onboard. Due to this, the result in multi-core mode is higher than that of the Galaxy Note 10 (N970F).


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