The biggest problem of the Galaxy S10 has been fixed

problem of the Galaxy S10

If you are Galaxy S10 user then you may have to face a critical problem. But Now this problem of the Galaxy S10 has been fixed. Whether we’re talking about facial recognition or fingerprint sensor technology, the thing smartphone users care about most when unlocking their devices is speed. That said, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 smartphones left a lot to be desired.

How does work Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner?

According to BGR reports Embedded into the display itself, the fingerprint sensor, while admittedly cool, was plagued with all sorts of problems early on. Aside from successful efforts to fool the sensor, users complained that the feature was unreliable far too often. What’s more, even when the device accurately recognized an authorized user, the unlocking speed was said to be frustratingly slow.

In an effort to address these basic usability concerns, Samsung earlier today started rolling out a software update. The update is just 6.9MB and according to early reports from S10 users, the update significantly improves the speed and reliability of the fingerprint sensor.

If you got this update and improve the reliability of the fingerprint sensor then comment below in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor slower than Galaxy S9

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