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Top 8 Sony Xperia XZ3 Tips and Tricks That You Must Know



You will be able to Learn top 8 Sony Xperia Xz3 Tips and Tricks. Today we are here with Detail guide on  Sony Xperia Xz3 hidden features. As we all know, it’s not the hardware specs alone that define a phone. The software also plays an important role in making it a complete experience.

Samsung and Apple tend to be the first two brands you think of when it comes to flagship smartphones, but there are plenty of other excellent Smartphones available. For example, Sony just released its latest trio of flagships, the Sony Xperia Xz3. The Phone comes with a good feature gorgeous design along with high-end hardware that can easily compete with any major flagship.


If you want to record Matrix-style slow motion video the Sony Xperia Xz3 has an awesome feature built into its camera. With Super slow motion, you can record short bursts of video at 960 frames per second (fps).

How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root Sony Xperia XZ Premium

To use Super slow motion, open the camera app and swipe right on the top menu bar until you enable video mode. Next, tap the Super slow motion icon to the right of the shutter button. Tap the shutter button to begin recording, and when you want to capture slow motion, simply tap the shutter button again: The camera will record at 960 fps for a short period of time before returning to its regular frame rate. When you’re finished with recording video, just tap the Stop icon.

2. Xperia Assist in Sony Xperia XZ3

If you’re new to the world of Sony’s smartphones, the Xperia Assist feature is always the best place to start, and on the Sony Xperia Xz3 Compact, it’s received a considerable revamp.

Tap the icon that sits front and center of your default home screen or dive into the settings menu and looks for ‘Xperia Assist’ to get started. Once you’ve plugged your name in, the new chat-style interface makes it easy to find out what your phone can do and any tips it pushes your way are then logged under the inbox tab so you can refer back to them whenever you want.

3. APP DRAWER in Sony Xperia XZ3

Hate having the App Drawer button waste precious space in the app bar? You can easily remove it in just a few steps.

If you want to enable or disable the App Drawer button, long press on the home screen and tap Settings. Adjust the toggle bar next to Enable swipe up to your desired preference.

4. One-handed mode in Sony Xperia XZ3

The Sony Xperia Xz3 Compact may pack in a sizeable 6-inch display but the new 18:9 aspect ratio means it’s really just taller than its predecessor but no wider. Aside from bringing the design up to date, that does also mean that reaching the top of the interface with a single mitt is even trickier than before.

Luckily Sony has finally implemented a proper one-handed mode in a similar style to that of Huawei. It should be enabled by default but if not, you’ll find the option to switch it on within the ‘Interaction’ section of the phone’s display settings. Once enabled you simply have to swipe across the navigation keys to shrink the UI down for more manageable interaction.

Whilst shrunk you can tap the arrow key to switch which side the UI is justified against, drag the chevrons at the corner to resize it or grab the parallel handles to move it up and down. Then just tap on any blank black space when you’re done, to scale everything back up again.

5. Customising the display in Sony Xperia XZ3

This is the first Compact phone to boast HDR visuals and the 2160×1080 Triluminos display really is a thing of beauty. If you don’t like exactly what you see though, Sony has afforded users a ton of controls to tweak the viewing experience on the Sony Xperia Xz3 to your preference.

Head to ‘Display’ in the settings menu and you’ll find a host of options worth tinkering with. ‘Smart backlight control’ ensures the screen stays on when the phone detects that you’re looking at it, ‘Night Light’ turns your screen amber to make late night or low light viewing easier on the eyes and can be set to a custom schedule or sunrise and sunset, whilst the ‘Quality’ section of the display settings covers everything from color and white balance to video enhancement.

Just swipe around in there until you’re happy with how the Sony Xperia Xz3 Compact displays the content you love.

6. USE 3D CREATOR in Sony Xperia XZ3

While there are a lot of questionable apps that ship with the Sony Xperia Xz3, the 3D Creator app is one we actually enjoy. With 3D Creator, you can easily create 3D scans of people and objects.

If you want to create a 3D scan, simply open the app and tap the 3D icon. Select the type of object you wish to scan and press the Tutorial button. The first time you take an image you’ll need to calibrate the camera, and you can do so by moving the camera around the object and connecting a series of dots. To get the best scan, you’ll want to capture the scan in an evenly lit room: You’ll know you’re in good light when the lightbulb icon has more than two rays.

For facial scans, you’ll want to remove your glasses. The first time you complete a scan you’ll need to calibrate the camera by connecting a series of dots. For other images, you’ll want to avoid taking photos of glossy or transparent objects. Once you’ve completed a scan you may be asked to further sculpt your scan by moving the camera around in a “figure eight” formation.

How to Install TWRP Recovery And Root Sony Xperia XZ3

I hope to use to understand all article on Sony Xperia Xz3. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.

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How to enable the swipe to type or cursor control feature on Samsung keyboard?




In the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology, convenience and efficiency are paramount. Samsung, as a leader in innovation, recognizes this and offers users the incredible swipe-to-type and cursor control feature on its keyboard. This intuitive functionality allows you to effortlessly glide your finger across the keyboard, spelling out words with remarkable ease, or precisely navigate through text using a cursor.

This guide will be your key to unlocking the potential of these features, showing you how to enable swipe-to-type and cursor control on your Samsung keyboard. By delving into your device’s settings, you will discover the simple, yet powerful steps needed to harness these capabilities. Whether you’re a fan of swift, gesture-based typing or require pinpoint accuracy in editing text, Samsung’s keyboard offers you the tools to customize your digital communication experience. Join us as we explore the intricacies of enabling swipe-to-type and cursor control, elevating your typing and editing skills to new heights.

Enable the swipe to type or cursor control feature on Samsung keyboard

  • Open the Settings menu, scroll down, and tap on the General management option.
  • Then, tap on Keyboard list and default.
  • Now, click on the Samsung Keyboard option.
  • Here, scroll down and tap on the Swipe, touch, and feedback option.
  • Click on the Keyboard swipe controls option.
  • Finally, you can turn on the Swipe to type or Cursor control feature.

We hope that this article has been able to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for How to enable the swipe to type or cursor control feature on Samsung keyboard. Now you can share your experiences or capture important information without any hassle!

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Fliki AI Free Trial 2023: Try Fliki ai for FREE!



Fliki free trial

In today’s fast-paced digital world, content creation has become a crucial aspect of communication. 

Whether you’re a business owner, educator, or content creator, the ability to generate engaging audio and video content is crucial. 

That’s where Fliki AI steps in, offering a seamless solution to transform text into captivating videos and lifelike speech. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Fliki AI, its exceptional features, and the visionary founder behind this groundbreaking tool.

Unveiling Fliki AI: Transforming Text to Videos and Speech

Fliki AI is a cutting-edge text-to-video and text-to-speech creator that empowers individuals and businesses to craft high-quality multimedia content within minutes. 

It’s designed to bridge the gap between text-based information and dynamic audiovisual presentations. 

With Fliki AI, you can bid farewell to the complexities of video editing and laborious voiceovers. Whether you’re explaining complex concepts, narrating stories, or presenting information, Fliki AI has you covered.

How to Start Your Fliki AI Free Trial: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Getting started with Fliki AI’s free trial is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to activate your trial and begin exploring the fantastic features it offers.

Step 1: Click on the special link provided to access the right page for activating your free trial.

Step 2: Look at the picture below and tap the “signup for free” button.

Step 3: On the left side, you’ll see options to either log in if you already have an account or create a new account. Choose one and sign in.

Step 4: Click the “start creating” button.

Congratulations! You’re all set to use Fliki AI’s Free Trial without any charges.

The best part is, you don’t need to provide any credit card information to activate the free trial, and there’s no limit to how much you can try it out.

The Power of Fliki AI Features:

Fliki free trial

Effortless Text-to-Video Conversion: Fliki AI streamlines the process of turning your written content into captivating videos. Simply input your text, and Fliki AI works its magic by generating engaging visuals that complement your message.

Natural Text-to-Speech: With its advanced text-to-speech capabilities, Fliki AI offers a range of natural-sounding voices to choose from. Your content will come to life with human-like intonation, making it more relatable and engaging for your audience.

User-Friendly Interface: Fliki AI boasts a user-friendly interface that requires no technical expertise. It’s designed for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with video editing or audio production.

Customization Options: Customize your videos with a variety of styles, fonts, and layouts to match your brand’s identity. Tailor your content to resonate with your target audience effectively.

Library of Visuals: Access a vast library of images and animations to enhance your videos further. Fliki AI ensures that your content is visually appealing and professional.

Founder’s Vision: Empowering Content Creation

Behind Fliki AI’s innovation stands Sabir Ahmed and Atul Yadav, visionary entrepreneurs who recognized the need for simplifying content creation. 

Their vision was to provide individuals and businesses with a tool that democratizes multimedia content production, enabling anyone to communicate their ideas effectively.

The founder’s dedication to democratizing content creation aligns with Fliki AI’s core mission: to break down barriers and empower people to share their stories, products, and knowledge through visually appealing videos and compelling voiceovers.

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Start Your Fliki Free Trial

Experience the magic of Fliki AI firsthand by taking advantage of the free trial. 

This risk-free opportunity allows you to explore the features, create your own videos, and witness the transformation of your text into engaging multimedia content. Embark on a journey of seamless content creation with Fliki AI today!

Conclusion: Fliki AI Free Trial

In a world where content speaks volumes, Fliki AI emerges as a game-changing solution for crafting impactful videos and voiceovers effortlessly. 

With its intuitive interface, versatile features, and commitment to democratizing content creation, Fliki AI empowers both seasoned creators and novices to share their narratives in a captivating manner. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Fliki AI’s potential start your free trial today and embark on a journey towards creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant content.

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How to adjust the size of the Samsung Keyboard?




In the realm of smartphone customization, the ability to adapt even the tiniest details can significantly enhance your digital experience. The size of your keyboard, for instance, plays a crucial role in your typing comfort and efficiency. Samsung, a pioneer in user-centric innovations, has provided a solution that allows you to tailor the keyboard size according to your preferences. This guide will walk you through the steps required to seamlessly adjust the size of the Samsung Keyboard, putting the power of personalization in your hands.

By exploring your device’s settings, you’ll uncover the means to resize the keyboard, whether you’re looking to maximize screen real estate for larger keys or seeking a compact layout for one-handed usage. Whether you’re a swift typist or someone who values precision, this functionality empowers you to fine-tune your interaction with your Samsung smartphone. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of resizing the Samsung keyboard, and unlock a new level of comfort and efficiency in your digital communication.

Adjust the size of the Samsung Keyboard

  • Open the Settings menu, scroll down, and tap on the General management option.
  • Then, tap on Keyboard list and default.
  • Now, click on the Samsung Keyboard option.
  • Here, scroll down and tap on Size and transparency.
  • Finally, you can drag the handles on the sides of the keyboard to adjust its size.

We hope that this article has been able to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for How to adjust the size of the Samsung Keyboard. Now you can share your experiences or capture important information without any hassle!

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