[Slow hands and no] 199 yuan! ROG gaming mouse 6.4% off seckill for 100 yuan

The ROG Moon Blade Wired Mouse adopts right-hand ergonomics, comfortable grip, with a weight of only 65g (including cables), and adopts a honeycomb structure inside, which not only improves strength and internal support, but is also an important part of creating a lightweight mouse. , to reduce the overall weight of the mouse; the buttons use separate PBT buttons, which are resistant to sweat and dirt, not easy to be oiled, improve the mechanical strength to make it more durable, and provide a better feel with harder feedback.

The wire adopts an upgraded paracord line, the wire is soft, which reduces the friction between the wire and the desktop to a greater extent, and is 2m long; the mouse has a 60° rounded foot pad, which is cut from a complete circle, which can better reduce The frictional force received from different directions increases the smoothness by about 25%.

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