Samsung will add body temperature detection to Galaxy Watch 5: help detect the new crown, or release in August

According to ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will be unveiled in August. Samsung will add body temperature detection to the Galaxy Watch 5 series, which will help detect early signs of illnesses like COVID-19, fever , and track the body’s ovulation cycle.

At present, there are some smart watches on the market that support body temperature detection, but this function sometimes has errors. The skin temperature of the wrist can be disturbed by external factors such as sunlight , which can affect the accurate reading of the sensor.

ETNews reports that Samsung has fixed the issue . In fact, body temperature detection could be a theme for Samsung’s wearables this year, as sources say the company is also testing a prototype Galaxy Buds earphones that support body temperature . The prototype will use infrared sensors to track the temperature of the eardrum.

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