Samsung may launch four Galaxy Note 10 models

Samsung has been a roll lately when it comes to the number of new flagships this year. Samsung released four Galaxy S model, S10+, S10, S10e, and the 5G S10. And now it looks like they’ll do the same for the Galaxy Note 10 as well. Samsung may launch four Galaxy Note 10 models.

We recently heard that Samsung is working on two variants of the Galaxy Note 10. One will be a smaller compact version of the handset. But today’s reports from South Korea states that the earlier was kinda true because Samsung is working on not 2 but 4 variants of the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Should You Wait?

ET News is reporting that Samsung wants to replicate the success of the Galaxy S10. One of the reasons the Galaxy S10 is a huge success is that there were multiple models to cater to a large group of audience, so Samsung wants to replicate that with the Galaxy Note 10 as well. Assuming that this report is true, so what are those 4 variants of the Galaxy Note 10 are gonna be?

The report says that two handsets in the Galaxy Note 10 family will have 5G and the rest two will not. The regular LTE versions of the Note 10 will have a display of 6.75″ and 6.28″ respectively.

The bigger model will have 4 cameras and the smaller one will have 3 cameras at the back. Two 5G models will have the same specs as the LTE models. Yes, unlike the Galaxy S10 there won’t be any differences in specs for the non 5G and 5G version for the Galaxy Note 10. That being said, four Note 10 models without any context may seem like too much but when you realize that two of them are gonna be 5G variants with almost same specs as the non-5G variants, this report makes a lot of sense.

So if you don’t care about 5G, they we’ll have two options for the Galaxy Note 10 this year. The differences between them are gonna be screen sizes, the number of cameras and battery sizes, although the report hasn’t mentioned anything about the battery yet. Of course, there will be a price difference too.

We are guessing there will be a difference of $100 to $150 between the two models and We just hope the larger model doesn’t go over the $1000 mark. Also it’s worth mentioning that nothing is set in stone yet.

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