Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not have physical buttons or even a 3.5 mm audio jack

Samsung will make major changes to the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. At least one of the expected models will be deprived of the usual 3.5 mm audio jack for users. But what is most interesting, the manufacturer will abandon the physical buttons, including the power and volume control swing.

According to the Android Police report, Samsung will cancel the headset hole and physical buttons on the Galaxy Note10, and it will become the second Samsung flagship phone without a headphone port after the Galaxy Fold.

After the physical button is canceled, Samsung will also retain some “bumps” of the built-in capacitive touch sensor in place to replace the original buttons.

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Samsung can offer consumers such a device, arguing that it is necessary to increase the space inside the case. If the device does not have a relatively large 3.5 mm plug, then theoretically the manufacturer could increase the volume of the internal battery. Given the fact that the Galaxy Note 10 will get the pen S Pen, the rejection of the above things is the right step. 

There will be two versions of the Note 10: the youngest, according to rumors, will receive a 3400 mAh battery, and the older – 4300 mAh. This is very strange, since the diagonal of their screens is large, which means the dimensions are also large. I want to believe that this is not true, and Samsung still installs inside more capacious sources of autonomous power.

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