Samsung establishes a new task force in Korea, preparing its first Foldable smartphone for mass production

Today we are here with Detail guide on Samsung foldable SmartPhone. Samsung Display is speeding up preparations for the mass-production of foldable panels for the company’s first foldable smartphone as it has recently created a task force solely dedicated to the brand-new technology.

The team was set up last month under the firm’s OLED product development division. About 200 employees were deployed from other research labs and business divisions within the company. The team leader is the current executive vice president of the OLED business division.

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Sources said the new task force hints at the pending mass-market debut of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone.
“Researchers who used to study early-stage technologies are joining the new team for the mass-mass market adoption of the technology,” a source told ET News on condition of anonymity.

The display-making unit’s move is in line with recent comments by Samsung’s mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin who reaffirmed the firm’s plans to launch its first foldable smartphone soon, during the Galaxy Note 9 press conference in New York early this month.
“We don’t want to lose the world’s first title when it comes to a foldable phone,” he said. “Thus far we were cautious about commenting on the new phone launch largely due to quality and durability issues but now the issues have been resolved and we are nearing the final stages.”

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Sources said key parts makers, including Samsung Display, are preparing to start their supplies as Samsung has tentatively decided on the launch schedule of the new foldable phone.

A Samsung Display official also confirmed the task force has been set up but denied any immediate plans for the mass-production of the foldable panels.

Samsung is understood to have struggled with both yield rates and product durability requirements but is now said to have overcome most of those issues and is preparing to launch its first bendable Android handset at some point next year.

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