realme GT Neo3 goes on sale at 0:00 tonight! 1999 yuan to start

It was reported on March 29 that the realme GT Neo3 will be officially launched at midnight tonight, with a starting price of 1999 yuan. It is equipped with a Dimensity 8100 processor and has a 150W fast charge.

The first batch of Realme GT Neo3 is equipped with Dimensity 8100, and its comprehensive performance is comparable to that of Snapdragon 888. Under the blessing of TSMC’s 5nm process, it has powerful performance and lower power consumption. With the powerful heat dissipation of the mobile phone , it is enough to release its full strength. Realme GT Neo3 has a 150W light-speed second-charge version, which can be charged to 50% in about 5 minutes and to 100% in 15 minutes.

For a perfect gaming experience, Realme GT Neo3 is also equipped with an independent display chip, which can realize frame insertion of games and video images. With a 120Hz high refresh rate OLED screen and Dolby Atmos dual speakers, it can bring unparalleled sound. painting experience.

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